Jun 1, 2013

ISO 3200 use it or forget it?

When I used compact camera with a small sensor,high ISO above iso 800 will give a small effective resolution only. But when i bought a dslr, I still wondering how good it is regarding high iso performance so I make a test of it. A bird shot at ISO 3200.
This shot was done through a window glass. The result still showing a relatively apparent noise but in a same time, a details is very good. What is helped here is at lower iso, say about iso 200 this shot is not capable due to  a very slow shutter speed, but high iso ensured  me to get enough speed to freeze a vibration and bird movement.


  1. Nice shot! Try before but with no success.

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  3. That's pretty good for ISO 3200. Most newer (and relatively cheap) dslr take good pics at this ISO value.

    technicality aside, your shot is nice!

  4. Thanks de engineur,
    A good news to here from you that most newer (and relatively cheap) dslr take good pics at high iso.But we cannot expect full resolution from this kind of photography.For me this can be a balance between speed and image quality.